Track Event Information

The purpose of the Ferrari Club of America's track events is to provide owners of Ferraris a venue where they can have the pleasure of driving their cars safely at speeds for which the cars were designed. Today this can be done only at race tracks where highway speeds are not in effect. The protection of drivers and spectators requires supervision of events by qualified persons who will enforce reasonable regulations.
The FCA does not conduct races per se, i.e. events in which a "winner" is determined by timed laps or "finishing position" relative to other cars. "Wheel to Wheel" competition will not be tolerated. A driver may overtake and pass a slower car in designated areas. However, primary consideration must be given at all times to safety. Differences in experience of drivers, the value of the vehicles being driven, and the high cost of repairs should be recognized.
Passing may take place only in designated areas and then only when the driver to be passed signals the overtaking driver to pass -- and points to the side on which to pass. The goal is to make it possible for Ferrari owners to have the pleasure of spirited driving, each within his own limitations, i.e., with both safety and pleasure.

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